Travel Insurance

While travel insurance is advisable but optional for UK and Ireland holidays, we and our travel partners insist that travel insurance is in place for European holidays. TGT Holidays offer single trip travel insurance with no upper age limit on all UK & European holidays featured in this brochure. It is only available at the time of booking and cannot be purchased subsequently. You are welcome to make your own insurance arrangements and if you enjoy several holidays each year it may be that an annual policy is more cost effective. We are unable to offer an annual policy.

For European holidays we must have a copy of your passport and travel insurance policy (if not purchased through TGT) by the time that the balance of your holiday becomes due. TGT Holidays cannot be held responsible for any expenses in respect of any of our holidays should you not be suitably insured. A summary of our single trip travel insurance is set out below. A sample of the full insurance policy document is available on request. This scheme is arranged by Towergate Chapman Stevens and underwritten by ETI – International Travel Protection (ERV), the UK branch of Europäische Reiseverscherung AG, who are authorised by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (BAFIN – and approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA – to undertake insurance business in the UK. Should you wish to take out this travel insurance please include the appropriate premium when booking your holiday.
Demands and needs
This insurance policy will suit the demands and needs of an individual or group (where applicable) who have no excluded medical condition(s), are travelling in countries included within the policy terms and who wish to insure themselves against unforeseen circumstances/events detailed in the cover section below. Subject to the terms, conditions and maximum specified sums insured.
We will not provide you with advice about the suitability of this product for your individual needs but will be happy to provide you with factual information. We summarise below the details of the insurance cover provided which also includes 24-hour emergency service from Towergate Assistance. The following is a brief summary of the cover available. Full details of cover and exclusions will be forwarded with your confirmation of booking. In any event you may ask for a specimen copy of the policy wording before booking should you wish to examine this in advance.

Summary of cover
Please see the policy wording for full details of the cover, limitations and excesses

Section of cover

Maximum sum insured and/or
benefits per person

Maximum excess per person

Cancellation £1,500 UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Europe/£3,500 Worldwide £70 cancellation
£25 loss of deposit
Travel delay £60 (£20 after 12 hours and £10 per 12 hours’ delay thereafter)
delayed departure
£1,500 UK, Channel Islands and Europe/£3,500 Worldwide
No excess delayed departure

£60 holiday abandonment

Missed departure £100 England, Scotland and Wales/£300 Europe, Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man and Isles of Scilly/£600 Worldwide No excess
Personal accident £15,000 No excess
Medical and other expenses £2,000,000 (including curtailment £3,500) £60
Hospital benefit £100 UK/£450 outside UK No excess
Personal property £1,500 baggage/£200 personal money/£100 delayed baggage (after 12 hours’ delay) £50
No excess delayed baggage
Loss of passport/visa £200 No excess
Personal liability £2,000,000 No excess
Legal costs and expenses £25,000 No excess

Significant or unusual limitations or what is not covered
1 The cover under this policy is only available to United Kingdom residents for travel to and from the United Kingdom and repatriation will be to the United Kingdom only.
2 Cover is only available for the whole duration of a booked trip to a maximum 70 consecutive days, and cover cannot be purchased once a trip has already begun.
3 The excess amount deductible from a claim applies to each and every claim, per incident claimed for, under certain sections by each insured person.
4 If your money, valuables, any items of baggage, your passport or visa are lost or stolen, you must notify the local Police within 24 hours of discovery or as soon as possible thereafter. Please make sure you get a copy of the Police report. Failure to comply may result in your claim being rejected or the amount of any relevant claim reduced.
5 You are not covered for valuables, your passport or visa if left unattended at any time (including in a vehicle, in checked in luggage or while in the custody of a carrier, tour operator or public transport operator) unless deposited in a hotel safe, safety deposit box or left in your locked accommodation.
6 Stolen property: You are not covered for baggage stolen from:
a) an unattended coach/bus unless it was locked in the luggage compartment of the coach/bus and evidence of force or violent entry to the vehicle is available, or
b) the passenger compartment of any unattended vehicle.

The cover under this policy is only available to United Kingdom residents being defined as: Any person who is staying in or has lived in the United Kingdom for more than 12 months, or if studying or working in the United Kingdom for more than 6 months.
Health conditions
You must be able to comply with the following conditions to have the full protection of your policy. If you do not comply the insurers may refuse to deal with any claim or reduce the amount of any relevant claim payment.
If you are travelling within the United Kingdom
You are not required to declare your medical conditions. However, to be covered for any medical conditions you have or have had, you must be able to answer NO to questions 1. to 4. and YES to questions 5. and 6. a) and b) below:
1 Are you aware of any reason why the trip could be cancelled or cut short (such as the health of a close relative)
2 Are you travelling:
a) against the advice of a medical practitioner, or
b) or the purpose of obtaining medical treatment.
3 Have you been given a terminal prognosis.
4 Are you receiving or awaiting treatment for any bodily injury, illness or disease as a hospital day case or inpatient.
5 If you are on prescribed medication, are your medical condition(s) stable and well controlled.
6 If you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression or any other mental or nervous disorder, have you received written confirmation (at your cost) that you are fit enough to take this trip by either:
a) a registered mental health professional (if you are under the care of a Community Mental Health Team), or
b) a consultant specialising in the relevant field.